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Posture & Alignment

Muscle Response Testing

In this video, you will meet Connie Prodromou,  a Licensed Acupuncturist and Intuition Medicine Practitioner who will teach us techniques to access and test our muscle to test for allergies, test effectiveness and dosage of supplements, and more.

Functional Medicine Tools for Thriving in Overwhelm

In this talk you will learn tools, practices and evidence based principles for dramatically shifting your health.

Physical therapy for neck and shoulder injury – case study

These exercises were prepared for a Client who is a young, active person who fell while competing in a rock climbing competition. She sustained a traction injury to her neck and right arm and shoulder.

Inflammation and Diet

Do you know the warning signs of chronic inflammation? Do you know the dietary and lifestyle factors that play a role? Most importantly, do you know how to use foods to get rid of your symptoms for good?

9 Basic Low Back Pain Stretches

Why do 40 million Americans suffer from low back pain? This video contains a series of 9 basic exercises anyone can do at home to relieve lumbar back or low back pain discomfort.

Head and Shoulder Position on Pilates Reformer

Why should a Pilates Instructor worry about correct head and shoulders position?

Pilates Exercises Contra-Indication for Spine Conditions

In this short video we will go over the basic fundamentals of spine condition contra-indications. You will learn when to assume that
a client has osteoporosis and thus avoid exercises that place her spine in loaded flexion. You will also learn the main
lumbar spine extension contra-indication and what to do about them.

11 Pilates Stretches to Do Daily

Stuck sitting all day at the desk? Do these 11 Pilates stretches.

9 Best Exercises to Correct Posture

Do you have bad posture? Maybe some back discomfort as well? Do these 9 recommended exercises as often as you can.

An Intro To Pilates Exercise Modifications

In this article and the following videos we will cover the importance of modifying the Pilates exercises to fit a larger population of clients


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