Pilates Teacher Rehabilitation Course

For Teachers and Serious Pilates Practitioners

Pilates for Rehab

The Rehabilitation program is specifically for certified Pilates instructors and serious Pilates practitioners wishing to integrate PILATES exercises for rehabilitation and injury prevention into their practice. Instructors will learn a systematic movement based approach to exercises including observation and understanding of faulty movement strategies and its correlation with pain and pathology. In addition participants will learn how to facilitate optimal movement to enhance rehabilitation through cuing and tactile facilitation. 

This will be an ongoing course and can be taken in part online.  It is divided into modules as follows:


Module 3 - Hip/Knee

Module 4 - Foot and Ankle

Module 5 - Shoulder

Module 6 - Elbow and wrist

Each module will be covered in about 4-5, 1.5 hour sessions and be available online after the class presentation

The cost will be $35 per class (90 minutes).



Upon completion of the full course, Pilates Teachers will receive a Pilates for Rehab certification.