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Stay fit, increase strength and flexibility, improve performance. These are some of the benefits of Pilates at our Pilates Studio in San Rafael. Whether your goal is to maintain or increase your fitness level and improve performance, improve your posture, recover from an injury, or get ready to or just delivered your baby, Pilates offers the ideal exercise option.

Our teachers have gone through an extensive Pilates Teacher Certification taught by a physical therapist and they continue to follow in house training and continuing evidence based education to best serve their clients' needs. They have learned to modify the exercises to be able to safely work with clients who may need that special attention to perform the correct movements because of pain or specific physical impairements.

We offer classes and one-on-one or duet instruction on reformer, springboard, chair, barrell and mat work, as well as Pilates suspension classes with TRX. Our classes are small and are basically private sessions in a group setting, so that our teacher can pay attention to details!

Our approach to Pilates is to focus on improving body strength while paying attention to and identifying and correcting problematic postural and movement patterns that can cause pain. Pilates should be a fun exercise and we make sure that when you leave our studio you feel re-invigorated, stronger and healthier.

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Benefits of Pilates


Core Strength

Healthy body

Body Awareness


Back and Neck Pain

Joint Pain

Physical Stress






Body Symmetry


Abdominal strength

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Understanding Class Levels

At Synergy+ we have divided our classes into levels to help you find the “just right” class for your ability and goals.  Please take a look below and always feel free to ask if you have questions!

Level 1 - Beginner Level


  • Familiarize or revisit and perfect the basic concepts of Pilates
  • Develop your core muscles
  • Improve proper posture
  • Use both body and mind to create movement from your center outward
  • Learn and perfect Pilates classic core strength exercises

Level 1 exercises will include:

  • The classic 5 mat exercises
  • Reformer footwork, bottom lift, glutes series
  • Basic Plank
  • Standing balance exercises
  • Squats
  • And more

No experience is needed!

Level 2 - Intermediate Level


  • Improve overall strength and flexibility
  • Use Pilates proper breathing to develop mindful control over muscular movements
  • Perfect posture in lying, sitting and standing
  • Challenge your body to develop endurance
  • Exercise the body with a focus on precision, rhythm and stability
  • Improve functional life movement through learning pilates repertoire
  • Increase your efficiency and power in your favorite sport or recreational activities

Level 2 exercises will include:

  • Progression of the classic core strength exercises
  • Plank series
  • Side lying series
  • Reformer standing platform work
  • Mermaid and other side-bending exercises

Am I ready for Level 2?

  • Can I stabilize myself in neutral spine with legs in tabletop?
  • Can I easily perform beginner core muscles exercises such as the coccyx curl, the roll up bridge, the predict the load, the adductor squeeze?
  • Can I do a kneeling plank with ease or little assistance from the instructor?
  • Am I ready for extra challenges?
  • Can I handle a continuous pace throughout the class?

Level 3 - Advanced Level


  • Improve overall strength and flexibility
  • Apply Pilates proper breathing to improve and maximize your Pilates practice
  • Perfect mind over body to control and challenge your Pilates practice
  • Challenge spine stability through side-bending and rotation
  • Fine-tune posture in lying, sitting and standing and challenge it with motion
  • Develop precise control over the movements of the body in all positions
  • Flow through full sequences of motion
  • Master your efficiency and power in your favorite sport or recreational activities

Level 3 exercises will include:

  • Classic core strength series
  • Full side Plank series
  • Control front and back
  • Standing series on both mat and reformer
  • Short and long box series
  • Tendon Stretch
  • Around the World

Am I ready for Level 3?

  • Can I stabilize myself in the full plank both on the mat and reformer?
  • Am I comfortable with the equipment and can I make adjustments for myself as needed?
  • Can I flow through the Pilates 5’s without losing form?
  • Am I ready to be challenged and can I rest when it is necessary for my body without being told?
  • Can I handle a continuous, steady pace throughout the class?

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Class Schedule

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel a class 24 hour prior to the class start if only one person is registered for that class

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Cancellation Policy

Our mission is to empower our clients to live more fulfilling lives through exercise and wellness. With this in mind, we encourage our clients to challenge themselves and to take as many classes as possible! That said, we all have those days when making it to class just isn’t going to happen. On those days, it’s important to keep our class cancellation policy in mind.

Our cancellation policy requires that you cancel a class at least 24 hours before class time.  If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, there is no penalty. However, if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours, a late cancellation fee, equal to the cost of the class, applies. If you have a 5 pack or a 10 pack, there is no cancellation fee but the class will also count as one of your classes in the pack.

If it’s already within 24 hours that you find you won’t be able to attend class, we still encourage you to cancel your reservation if you know you can’t make it. If you cancel within a reasonable time frame to allow us to find someone to replace you in the class, we will not charge you the late fee. There’s nothing worse than an empty spot in a class, so always be sure to cancel as a courtesy to the studio and other Synergy+’s clients who would like to take the class.

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