These exercises were prepared for a client who is a young, active person who fell while competing in a rock climbing competition. He sustained a traction injury to her neck and right arm and shoulder. The MRI / CT scan did not show any injury but it appears that the nerves in neck and shoulder have been slightly damaged by the impact when falling.

After the injury, she started feeling numbness and tingling in right arm with noticeable arm weakness. The client’s short terms goals consisted in decrease the pain in neck, shoulder, arm with cervical rotation, and his long term goals were to improve strength and go back to running and climbing. The physical therapy plans was 8 week of physical therapy, twice a week consisting of therapeutic exercise (Foam roller pec stretches, shoulder circles, side to side, shoulders slaps, cervical rotation with towel, UT stretch with towel, Forearm planking and kneeling, Serratus press with hands on wall and Wall push ups), Neuromuscular rehab consisting of Posture with running, Posture while standing, Self SNAGS to neck rotation with towel, Pinky ball on stick for 1st rib movement, Muscle facilitation for lower traps, and lats work, as well as Manual therapy which included STM to right subscap, teres, pec, UT and levator scap, gentle 1st rib mobs on right and cervical spine

The results: The physical therapist worked with client and just after three sessions the client was already able to perform all exercises with minimal pain. His overall shoulder/neck and arm pain has decreased considerably and he no longer feels the tingling and numbness in the right arm. Although he is still feeling minor stiffness in neck and shoulder his upper body mobility has improved and he is now able to start running and climbing again.

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