Synergy+ workshops

Do you know the warning signs of chronic inflammation? Do you know the dietary and lifestyle factors that play a role? Most importantly, do you know how to use foods to get rid of your symptoms for good?

In her presentation, Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist Dionne Detraz did a fantastic job exploring and explaining this interesting topic of inflammation and diet.

Dionne specializes in using diet and therapeutic protocols to get to the root of chronic inflammation. If you suffer from pain, headaches, arthritis, allergies, eczema, depression, or are overweight, you could benefit from this workshop. Dionne will outline her 3-step process for lowering inflammation and easing your symptoms.

After spending the last 3 years working specifically with patients and clients on lowering inflammation I truly believe this has become our modern day epidemic. It underlies so many of today’s hard-to-treat health challenges. Between our modern-day diet, lifestyle, stress, and level of toxic exposure it’s easy to see why so many people are dealing with uncontrolled, chronic inflammation. In the workshop Dionne hosted at Synergy+ we explored this topic further. If you weren’t able to make the workshop, don’t despair, you can still learn why inflammation is not something to be ignored and what you can do about it by checking out the following articles written by Dionne.

Warning Signs of Chronic Inflammation:

3 Step Inflammation Lowering Plan:
  1. Anti-Inflammatory Diet (download a FREE Anti-Inflammatory Checklist): 
  2. Eliminate foods that could be making the inflammation worse:
  3. Add in boosters to help heal and repair:

Start with your diet, remove offending foods, and bring in some boosters to help the process. Give it some time and track your symptoms. For many people these 3 pieces will be enough to remedy the inflammation for good and finally help you gain control over those hard-to-treat symptoms. But for some we will need to dive even deeper; to explore other possible infections or imbalances and to work through a guided therapeutic protocol.

If you feel like inflammation may be underlying your challenges and would like the support and coaching from an expert, you can contact Dionne directly at or through her website