A video library for the Pilates practitioner

Pilates lessons to incorporate in your daily practice

The Dermatomes

This video describes the dermatones and their importance for the Pilates teacher in a rehab setting

Disc Dysfunction Sciatica

Sciatica refers to compression of the sciatic nerve and it is caused by compression from the piriformis muscle.

Basic Foam Roller Exercises

This video brings you our favorite exercises and stretches that you can do at home using the foam roller.

Pilates Powerhouse

Pilates powerhouse is the Pilates classical term that applies to the Deep abdominals, the Gluts and the Inner thighs.

Neutral Spine vs. Flat Back

The pros of neutral spine vs. flat back.

The primary function of the spinal curves

What are the primary function of the spinal curves?

Why Pilates for the Spine

Find out why Pilates is excellent for the spine.

Why Pilates for Rehab

In this short video you will find out why Plates is so helpful for physical rehabilitation.

Abdominal Scoop

This video goes into details in explaining and showing the abdominal scoop