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Please note that we reserve the right to cancel a class 24 hour prior to the class start if only one person is registered for that class


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Understanding Class Levels

At Synergy+ we have divided our classes into levels to help you find the “just right” class for your ability and goals.  Please take a look below and always feel free to ask if you have questions!

Level 1 - Beginner Level


  • Familiarize or revisit and perfect the basic concepts of Pilates
  • Develop your core muscles
  • Improve proper posture
  • Use both body and mind to create movement from your center outward
  • Learn and perfect Pilates classic core strength exercises

Level 1 exercises will include:

  • The classic 5 mat exercises
  • Reformer footwork, bottom lift, glutes series
  • Basic Plank
  • Standing balance exercises
  • Squats
  • And more

No experience is needed!

Class Level 2 - Intermediate Level


  • Improve overall strength and flexibility
  • Use Pilates proper breathing to develop mindful control over muscular movements
  • Perfect posture in lying, sitting and standing
  • Challenge your body to develop endurance
  • Exercise the body with a focus on precision, rhythm and stability
  • Improve functional life movement through learning pilates repertoire
  • Increase your efficiency and power in your favorite sport or recreational activities

Level 2 exercises will include:

  • Progression of the classic core strength exercises
  • Plank series
  • Side lying series
  • Reformer standing platform work
  • Mermaid and other side-bending exercises

Am I ready for Level 2?

  • Can I stabilize myself in neutral spine with legs in tabletop?
  • Can I easily perform beginner core muscles exercises such as the coccyx curl, the roll up bridge, the predict the load, the adductor squeeze?
  • Can I do a kneeling plank with ease or little assistance from the instructor?
  • Am I ready for extra challenges?
  • Can I handle a continuous pace throughout the class?

Class Level 3 - Advanced Level


  • Improve overall strength and flexibility
  • Apply Pilates proper breathing to improve and maximize your Pilates practice
  • Perfect mind over body to control and challenge your Pilates practice
  • Challenge spine stability through side-bending and rotation
  • Fine-tune posture in lying, sitting and standing and challenge it with motion
  • Develop precise control over the movements of the body in all positions
  • Flow through full sequences of motion
  • Master your efficiency and power in your favorite sport or recreational activities

Level 3 exercises will include:

  • Classic core strength series
  • Full side Plank series
  • Control front and back
  • Standing series on both mat and reformer
  • Short and long box series
  • Tendon Stretch
  • Around the World

Am I ready for Level 3?

  • Can I stabilize myself in the full plank both on the mat and reformer?
  • Am I comfortable with the equipment and can I make adjustments for myself as needed?
  • Can I flow through the Pilates 5’s without losing form?
  • Am I ready to be challenged and can I rest when it is necessary for my body without being told?
  • Can I handle a continuous, steady pace throughout the class?