The Dermatomes

In physical therapy and Pilates for rehab the Dermatomes can often be used to determine the potential cause(s) of pain elsewhere in the body. For example, if you have a client complaining of leg pain or foot numbness, the question to ask is can this  pain be due to a...

Disc Dysfunction Sciatica

Presented by Zeina A. Grifoni, MPT – Sciatica refers to compression of the sciatic nerve. – True sciatica is caused by compression from the piriformis muscle. – It is often used to describe nerve caused as the nerve exits the spinal canal. –...

Pilates Powerhouse

Pilates powerhouse is the Pilates classical term and applies to: Deep abdominals (obliques and transverse abdominus) Gluts Inner thighs (adductors) These are the muscles that Pilates himself thought that we should be focused on strengthening. Joe Pilates is one of the...

Neutral Spine vs. Flat Back

Neutral spine: – Refers to the position of the spine when it maintains it’s “normal” curves – Curves vary person to person, so neutral will not necessarily look the same from one person to the other – Neutral spine changes with positional changes:...