At Home Physical Therapy

Our home visit program is directed toward the use of all the outpatient resources including functional activities and Pilates exercises.  Our Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio provides at home physical therapy in San Rafael and all the surrounding areas in Marin.

In addition to the benefits from in studio visits, the benefits of in home physical therapy visits also include:

Ergonomic setup

The goal of an ergonomic setup is to make life at home, at work, and even in the car more comfortable and therefore healthier and more productive. Many ergonomic problems can be fixed by rearranging, adjusting or modifying existing furniture such as desks, chairs and tools.

Gait Analysis

We perform a systematic study of your motion by analysing your body mechanics and the activity of the muscles while walking and/or running to correct your postural and movement patterns where needed

Functional movements

If you have difficulty getting in and out of bed, on and off a chair or the floor, or in and out of your car, we can teach you the most appropriate and efficient movements to alleviate or avoid pain. We also help people to correctly perform daily tasks we give  expert advice on how to manage the person you are caring for

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