This video contains a series of 9 basic exercises anyone can do at home to relieve lumbar back or low back pain discomfort. I did these twice a day doing about 6 to 8 repetitions for each exercise. It’s important to stop doing any exercise if the symptoms are getting worse. Pay extreme attention to your body and do not do any of the exercises that are causing increased discomfort. If you can, I recommend to hold the stretches for a least a minute.

This is my reason. The other day I played tennis after a few months of rest due to an ankle injury. I played hard because I love the game. In fact, tennis is my favorite sport and if I could play it every day I would. That same afternoon I started feeling minor low back pain so I did some stretching when I got home. But the pain only increased and by evening I could hardly move without feeling high pain level, especially on the right side of my lumbar back region. I spent a miserable night trying to fall asleep but I could not find a comfortable position. In the morning, the low back pain was so intense that it took me several minutes to get out of bed. The pain decreased and became manageable as I walked around, but after sitting for a while getting up was a painful task. I called my physical therapist who told me that I may have gotten my pelvis out of alignment. She gave me some instructions over the phone and asked me to get someone to check if the right leg was noticeable longer that the left. It was. She then sent me a series of exercises to do at home to relieve the lumbar back discomfort. The exercises are shown in this video. Please read the instructions above and stop doing any of the exercises if the pain increases. Then I recommend you check with a physical therapist.