Cueing for footwork on Reformer

Different Pilates teachers have different teaching styles as well as different ways at looking at somebody’s mechanics and movements when doing an exercise. If two Pilates instructors looked at a person walking or standing or sitting at a desk they would all pay...

Reformer Classes Increase Strength

The Reformer is my favorite Pilates equipment. Not only it looks sleek and beautiful, it is also the most versatile equipment in the Pilates realm. Exercises can be done sitting, lying down, or standing, and even sideways and upside down, although this last position...

The sin of sitting

Many people have heard the term “Sitting is the new smoking”.  This term refers to the health hazards related to sitting for extended periods of time.  It is ideal to get up and out of your chair every 45 minutes, at least, to decrease the strain placed on your body...