Move Free Programs

Guided and customized exercise programs to fit your goals


12-Week Program
  • Ideal for the athlete and the active physical lifestyle focused on improving overall power to reach high performance or continue recovery post rehab

  • Save $243 off regular fees

  • Earn 900 reward points for free Pilates!


12-Week Program
  • Ideal for moderate to active physical lifestyles including hikers, casual cyclists and runners and those recovering from injury who desire to get back to practice their favorite activities. Also ideal for improving posture and making it through the work day in perfect form

  • Save $183 off regular fees

  • Earn 690 reward points for free Pilates! 


Maintenance Program
  • The ideal maintenance program for those who have reached their physical goals and wish to maintain strength and performance. Also ideal post rehab to maintain gains made and avoid re-injury

  • Save $43 off regular fees

  • Earn 180 reward points per month for free Pilates!