Do you know the warning signs of chronic inflammation? Do you know the dietary and lifestyle factors that play a role? Most importantly, do you know how to use foods to get rid of your symptoms for good? If you’d like to find out, join us as we explore this topic deeper with Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist Dionne Detraz. Dionne specializes in using diet and therapeutic protocols to get to the root of chronic inflammation. If you suffer from pain, headaches, arthritis, allergies, eczema, depression, or are overweight, you could benefit from this workshop. Dionne will outline her 3-step process for lowering inflammation and easing your symptoms.

Wednesday August 16th at 10:00 am.
This event is free for members and $10 suggested donation for others.

More on Dionne, The Rustic Dietitian

Dionne, as an integrative dietitian loves using food as her primary medicine and most of all, she loves showing others how they can use real food to regain their health with the wisdom of traditional diets. She believes in the power of food to heal experiencing first-hand how returning to a simple, real food diet can restore health.

Dionne has worked in Health Education, Wellness, and Nutrition and in addition to completing degrees in Physiology and Dietetics and meeting the requirements to become a Registered Dietitian, she has certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Traditional Western Herbal Therapies, and Oncology Nutrition.  Dionne loves thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to her clients’ challenges.

Dionne is the founder or The Rustic Dietitian, INC. Visit her website at where she invites you to take her  Free Rustic Reset 7-Day Challenge. Find out more by going to her website.

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