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Head and Shoulder Position on Pilates Reformer

Why should a Pilates Instructor worry about correct head and shoulders position?

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Pilates Exercises Contra-Indication for Spine Conditions

In this short video we will go over the basic fundamentals of spine condition contra-indications. You will learn when to assume that
a client has osteoporosis and thus avoid exercises that place her spine in loaded flexion. You will also learn the main
lumbar spine extension contra-indication and what to do about them.

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An Intro To Pilates Exercise Modifications

In this article and the following videos we will cover the importance of modifying the Pilates exercises to fit a larger population of clients

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Cueing for better posture in standing position while in motion

In this video we will analyze a client’s posture on the Cadillac while the body is in motion and provide prompts to correct faulty movements and patterns.

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Cueing for footwork on Reformer

Looking and correcting people’s footwork during Reformer classes should be part of what a good Pilates instructor should do.

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