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Our Pilates classes and private instruction focus on increasing body strength and performance while keeping an eye on correct form and injury prevention. Our classes are small and are basically private sessions in a group setting!

In Physical Therapy we combine exercise and manual work and we work the whole body and not just the  injury or the symptom. We treat orthopedic, dance, and sports related injuries, and we help you reduce chronic pain, provide a balanced strengthening and give you more flexibility.




I’m glad Zeina is so much younger than me because I intend to work with her for the rest of my life. Based on what I have experienced so far, I am convinced working with her will keep
my body supple and strong as I move into my 60’s. That’s a great investment in me!!!

Thrilled Customer


Our Mission

To guide you making small, everyday changes to get your body working better, feeling better and performing better for the rest of your life.

Our Promise

To deliver you the perfect posture and a stronger, more flexible body.

Our Goal

To help you live a pain free and beautiful life.



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