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Pilates & Physical Therapy


Pilates and Physical Therapy combine exercise and manual work to treat the whole body and not just an injury or symptom. We treat orthopedic, dance, and sports related injuries, and we help you reduce chronic pain, provide a balanced strengthening and give you more flexibility.


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We Emphasize: Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, Home Exercise Program Instruction, Ergonomic Set Up/Awareness

Spine Programs: Back Stabilization, Posture Evaluation, Group Classes

Sports Programs: Preventative Care, Advanced Rehab Post Injury, Overall Fitness and Wellness

Women Health: Pre- and Post Natal Strengthening, Post Natal Rehab, Osteoporosis, Safe Exercise Instruction, Strengthening for Breast Cancer Survivors

Preventative Care: Prevent Injuries and Maintain an Active Life Style


Our Mission

Our mission is to help the you live a more comfortable and happier live. We do so by helping you improve the way your body works, feels and moves, and by delivering our promise: perfect posture, improved physical health, and overall wellness.



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Synergy+ 500 Tamal Plaza, Suite 507, CORTE MADERA, Ca 94925